Date for your diary: this year’s main event will take place between 26th and 28th June (seriously, please put this in your diary right now).

The weekend gets started in Fort William on Friday afternoon, so unless you’re lucky enough to live near Ben Nevis, you’ll probably need quite an early start. Members of the 3 Peaks Event Team will be there to say hello – just look out for the people with super friendly faces…and ‘EVENT TEAM’ written in big letters across their backs. When you arrive, your Team Leader will be asked to check in on behalf of the team; this helps us to triple check that we have all the right safety information for each team member, so it’s a very important step. 

Our Welcome Event will get under way at 6pm sharp. This is where we will give you all the information you need for the weekend, including some more specific instructions about how to handle the forecasted weather conditions for each mountain. You probably won’t have heard this update before (we’re pretty good, but even our Event Team can’t predict the weather too far in advance).

After the Welcome Event, you’re free to mingle with other teams and grab some dinner. However, we recommend a very early night (and no alcohol!) because you’ll need to be awake and ready to get started before sunrise on the Saturday morning.

When you’ve made it up and down Ben Nevis, we’ll feed you and set you on your way to Scafell Pike. It’s a long journey, so once you arrive please give your drivers a hug and tell them how much you appreciate them. You should make it back down from Scafell Pike before midnight - if you’re running a bit behind and haven’t summited by 10pm, we will ask you to turn around and come back down. Making these difficult decisions is how we keep everyone safe on the hill, so don’t be too cross with us.

After you’ve eaten again, you’ll get on the road to our final destination: Snowdon, Wales. We set everyone off on their way at about 6am, and expect to see you back for your victory feast (i.e. a breakfast bap and glass of prosecco) by lunchtime. After tears, tending to blisters and plenty of celebration, you’ll be free to head home as 3 Peaks Champions!